Hire the best people to work for your business while creating a suitable environment

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I would say the key to success for a startup, or any other company for that matter is its human resources and the working environment that you have created for them. So, who should we hire and what qualifications should we look for? What is the Read more

How to make the most of your assets while starting a small business

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We are a small gaming studio of 16 people based in Ireland, and we are working on two labels at the moment, "Lingolish" and "BrainTrain". We certainly have come a long way, but we have a longer way to go on. We started this gaming company in 2015. Read more

Word Games To Play In The Car

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How do make road trips easier for children? One of the concerns of parents for long road trips is always children. With all their benefits and charm, road trips may become a challenge for parents to an extent to give them up and explore other Read more

Wordle Word of The Day

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It is unlikely that you play some types of word puzzles but have not heard of Wordle. Wordle is a 5-letter Lingo type word game that allows players to play one game a day. To win, players must find the secret word in maximum of six attempts. In this Read more

List of The Best Word Games That Are Free 2022

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Word games are more than just games to pass our free time with. These games help train and exercise our brain, keep it growing and make it stronger. In addition, They have positive effects on our cognitive skills and our memory. So word puzzles are Read more

Games to Simulate The Brain

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Almost all of us have been in a situation where we find ourselves forgetting small and big things, and we can't seem to remember them, no matter how much we try! We recount a memory of something that has happened some time ago. Still, we do not Read more

What makes a good family relationship?

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Care, attention, trust, and communication are among many things that experts suggest. But the importance of time spent together is always mentioned. But, unfortunately, it might be hard to find some time due to the dynamic nature of the world Read more

Wordle vs Lingolish: Games Where You Guess The Word

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Are you looking for Wordle alternatives? or maybe you are thinking of trying other free brain training games? Well, Lingolish offers all that plus more than 7500 challenges and multiple game modes. But first, let’s view the history and different Read more

Video Games Good For Brain Development and Having Fun

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Video games are great fun, but they also offer many benefits that can help kids develop into successful adults. Training your brain and its importance Our brain and, subsequently, our memory and cognitive skills can be trained and improved as we Read more

The Best App For Word Games: Lingolish

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Are you a fan of puzzle and brain games? Start the brain training game "LINGOLISH"! Are puzzle games or code-breaking games appealing to you? Do you know the Mastermind game? Are you familiar with the best app for word games? How about Lingolish? Do Read more