The Best App For Word Games: Lingolish

The Best App For Word Games: Lingolish

Are you a fan of puzzle and brain games? Start the brain training game "LINGOLISH"!

Are puzzle games or code-breaking games appealing to you? Do you know the Mastermind game? Are you familiar with the best app for word games? How about Lingolish? Do you like playing with colors and words? Then, join us in this article. If you're a fan of code-breaking games, you probably know that Mastermind is one of the old ones. In a brief description, consider a two-player game in which one of the players is a puzzle designer, and the other is a code breaker. The puzzle designer designs a row of multiple colors (for example, four colors) in a specific order. The opposing player has to guess and put the colors in the same order, and the question designer guides him with two colored beads in each attempt to break the code. This game was first presented in the form of board games and then computer games and mobile games.

LINGOLISH is an attractive combination of Mastermind and Lingo!

Now combine the above game with attractive colors, words and a story. This is Lingolish! In this game, instead of a color pattern, we have 3 to 7 secret words, and you will be guided through three colors to find out the hidden word. In addition, in each stage of the game, a story is going on, according to which you will find clues. Let us explain the rules of Lingolish in a little more detail. To crack the puzzle's code, you should search for the secret word. The colors provided by Lingolish game assist you in doing so. "Green" means the correct letter is in the proper position. "Orange" means a correct letter is in the wrong place, and "Gray" means a wrong letter that does not exist in the word. As you become a more experienced code breaker, you will free new Martians, unlock new entertaining word game modes, and get to break more challenging codes and all for FREE!!

The new game modes of Lingolish will tease your mind and make sure you have fun! You can try the game in different modes. You will earn 1 XP and 1 to 7 stars with each word you discover. You will use stars for hints to grey out the letters that are not in the secret word. The help screen in the Lingolish game board has all of these marked for you.

Below is explained how to find the secret word in a video.

How many players are in Lingolish?

One of the features of Lingolish is its flexibility in its number of players. If you like to play alone, various attractive game modes and monsters and robots are waiting for you. If you are interested in two-player duels, you can choose your opponent from among your friends or other Lingolish players. But you might be interested in playing in a group. Excellent! Lingolish has a plan! You can play Lingolish with your family, from the youngest to the oldest family member.

What is the story?

Lingolish is not just about color and words! Here's our story: The codes you guess are direct messages from Mars. In fact, this is the first time that direct messages have been received from Mars. A family of the last survivors of Mars is in trouble, and they are trying to get help from us. But there is a problem. The problem is the language! They interact with colors, and we have to understand them to help them achieve their goal. We have many challenges from the sky, earth and galaxy on this journey! Of course, if we do not consider sparrows and robots!

Lingolish is not just a fun game! Also a great mind puzzle game

In addition to being a fun game, Lingolish is an excellent option for improving memory and training your brain with various word puzzles and a wonderful program to enhance your vocabulary in learning English (other languages will be added over time). At each stage of the game, the codes are given to you in the form of 3 to 7 letter words, and you must refer to your vocabulary to enter the correct guesses according to the clues and colors. At the end of each step, you can refer to the dictionary on the game page, see the meaning of the words you guessed and the secret word, and listen to its correct pronunciation.


Lingolish can be examined from several points of view. First, its attractive graphics do not bore you while playing. At each level, you will be faced with a new design and background that is related to the story and the secret word of the same level, and there will be no duplicate patterns. Game modes are varied, and different tastes are considered. In fact, in addition to the main part of the game, which includes successive stages, you can enjoy various game modes outside the map. The level's difficulty is graded and can be adjusted for different age groups and different abilities. Game modes include timer, time trial, guess trial, robomatch and scorebot. If you like fast or competitive games or even a game To relax, Lingolish is adjusted according to your wishes. This game is free and available to you offline and online.

Lingolish: Word Guessing Game can also be considered an educational game. As you guess the word, you will become familiar with new words and your vocabulary will improve. In addition, the meaning and pronunciation of the words are available to you. Other than the fascinating story of the game, you will face challenges. Playing with robots and monsters and The Brain Train are the most diverse challenges that are very attractive and do not allow any part of the game to get boring or something repetitive.

We at Lingolish team have tried to do our best. Your feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the game is precious to us. We look forward to hearing from you about Lingolish's suggestions.

You can Download the game from Google Play and the App Store HERE and share your game experience with us.