List of The Best Word Games That Are Free 2022

List of The Best Word Games That Are Free 2022

Word games are more than just games to pass our free time with. These games help train and exercise our brain, keep it growing and make it stronger. In addition, They have positive effects on our cognitive skills and our memory. So word puzzles are an excellent choice to spend our time on. But there are so many different word puzzle games out there that sometimes we do not know which one to choose. So here, we have compiled a list of word games that are free, along with their main characteristics.

1) Wordscapes

This game is perfect for you if you want to relax your mind. This game is filled with relaxing sceneries and themes, and you can play unlimited word games at your own pace. At each level, you will get a set of letters and a crossword table, and you have to make words out of the letters and fill in the table. The table will also act as a clue; as you guess the hidden words, you can receive hints on what the remaining words might be. Also, you can play Wordscapes daily puzzles to earn more rewards.

2) Wordle!

This game has different modes. The classic mode is the same as the online version of Wordle, where you have to guess the secret word in 6 guesses or less. In another game mode, you must make a word out of the letters before running out of time. The extra time will be moved to the next level, and you get to see how many levels you can solve in the limited time and if you can beat your own previous high score.

The Wordle game app is based on color-coding. With every guess, the letters of the guessed word are colored either green, yellow or gray. Each of the colors represents a meaning. Green means the letter exists in the word and that it is also placed correctly. Yellow means the letter does exist in the secret word, but it is not placed correctly. Gray means the letter is wrong and does not exist in the secret word whatsoever. If you use these hints wisely, you can reach the answer faster than others.

Wordle mobile word game

3) Word search Pro.

This free game gives you a page filled with letters and a theme. The number of words hidden and the number of letters they contain is shown at the bottom of the grid. You must find the hidden words by combining the letters on the grid horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

Word Search Pro mobile word game

4) Word Connect

In this game, you are given a set of letters, and the secret words and their letters are left blank for you to fill them in. you have to connect the letters to make a word. Hence the name: word connect.

5) Word Cookies

This word game is very similar to the previous game. The only difference is that the letters are cookies, and you will be creating word cookies. Get it?

6) Letter Fridge

This is a fun game where there is a fridge with magnet letters on it. You get to move the magnets to make words out of the letters, as you would with real fridge magnets. The secret words are placed on a table, so as you guess the hidden words, the table will be filled.

7) Words with friends 2 word game

This game is a word game you get to play with your friends. Its primary mechanism is similar to Scrabble. This game can be played online, and you can play multiple games with different people at the same time. In addition, you can turn on your notifications to know when it is your turn. In this 2-player word game, when it is your turn, you must make a word out of your letter tiles and place them on the board in a way that you will earn a higher score. In the end, the player with the highest score wins!

words with friends 2 word game

8) Lingolish: Word Guessing Game

This is a word game where you guess the secret word in each level facing a challenge. In monster mode, you must guess the secret word before the monster does. You have to guess before you run out of time or guesses in other modes. In basic mode, you get to find the secret word with no challenge and peace of mind. You have to pay attention to the changing backgrounds at each level. They might give you a hint as to what the hidden word is. Solve the word puzzles and follow the comic story to see what happens to our little Martian friends.

Lingolish: word guessing game

The list goes on, but these are our top favorite picks. If you liked this list, we will list more word games and games that are, in general, good for training your game. Hope you enjoy it!