Wordle type word games that are online and free!

Wordle type word games that are online and free!

These days the game Wordle has gone viral, so much that a lot of similar alternative game apps and online games have been created similar to it. Some are exactly the same, while others have changed a thing or two and given the game a new side to it, making it more fun and exciting. Either way, all these games are excellent for training your brain and challenging yourself. You get to improve your memory and vocabulary while also having fun.

Is Wordle just the same as Lingo?

Lingo was a British show based on the American version of it, where it combined guessing secret words with the popular game Bingo. There were two teams that had to guess the hidden 5-letter word in turns. They had to guess the word in a limited time, or they would lose their turn. Whoever would guess the word would win the prize money, and after that, they could draw balls with numbers on them to cover the card they had, just like Bingo. 

Wordle is similar to the word guessing part of the game where you have to guess a 5-letter secret word. But unlike Lingo, you do not play in teams and can play on your own. You have no time limit, but you must guess in 6 tries, or you will lose.

What Makes Wordle Puzzles Fun?

You can learn how to play this word game very quickly, but being able to guess the words and breaking your friends and your own record will be a fun challenge. You can also share your results with other people who are too playing the game, challenging them and yourself. Wordle is now one of the best online word games. Wordle's instructions are easy enough: you guess the secret word in 6 guesses or less. If the letters of the word you guessed exist in the real hidden word, it will either become green or orange. Green means it is in the correct position, and orange means it exists in the secret word but is in the wrong place.

Free Word Games Like Wordle

If you are a fan of Wordle but want to play more than just once a day, here are some Wordle type games that are online and free:

1) Byrdle: Byrdle game is very similar to Wordle, with only minor differences in its design. Again, similar to Wordle, its secret word is five lettered.

2) Quordle: the rules are the same as Wordle, but Quordle has a fun twist. Simultaneously, you will play not one but four different word puzzles, and you have to guess all for secret words in 9 tries or less. With every guess, it will color the letters for each puzzle separately, but you have nine guesses overall. Try and see if you can crack its daily puzzles. All the word puzzles have five-letter words similar to Wordle.

3) Lingolish: Word Puzzle Game. As mentioned, Wordle is based on the classic word game Mastermind. Lingolish is also based on Mastermind. The difference is Lingolish has different levels, and you get to play more than once a day, and you don't have to wait a whole day to play it again. Also, unlike Wordle, which has only five letter secret words, Lingolish offers 3 to 7 letter hidden words. You can also play in different game modes such as limited time, limited guesses and also available in multi-player. Also, Lingolish: Word Puzzle Game is a mobile word game which you can play online or offline, no matter where you are.

4) Nerdle: Nerdle is another puzzle game where its rules are similar to Wordle. Only it works with numbers. You have to guess an equation with numbers, and it will tell you which numbers/operators exist in the hidden equation and where their correct position is.