Parents and Addicting Video Games

Parents and Addicting Video Games

Video games are an excellent way for kids to learn skills that will help them in life. But too much time spent playing can cause problems. Parents need to understand how to set boundaries on screen time.

Why Do Parents Hate Video Games?

There are many reasons why parents hate video games. They can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression. They can also lead to other issues such as obesity, sleep deprivation, and addiction.

Moreover, today, many adults -whether parents, siblings, or others close to children- spend a lot of time working and the outdoors. These activities are sometimes so time-consuming that there is little time left to spend at home and to have fun with children, especially during workdays. But, on the other hand, this is not the entire problem! They sometimes face a giant called addiction to video games. Imagine coming home from work, dying to spend quality time with your child and have fun, but your child is stuck on a sofa, mesmerized by their cellphones or tablets, and can not be separated from it! This scene may be familiar to you! This can be a problem for parents trying to communicate with their child. In these cases, suitable parent-child activities to do at home should be found that parents and children can do together to have a healthy relationship. In this case, it may be good to step into the child's world and try to bond with them there. If they love video games, why don't you try to find a good and exciting video game for everyone?

Talk to your kids about their gaming habits

If you're concerned about your child's gaming habits, talk to them about it. You might find that they aren't aware of how much time they spend playing games. Or maybe they've been spending too much time playing games. Either way, talking to them will help you understand where they're coming from and what you can do to help them.

As parents, we can make time for these games, learn to enjoy them, and take advantage of them. We better set times to play the game and times when there will be no playing video games. We can also monitor the type of games we allow our children to play. We can even name days (such as weekends, picnics, etc.) as days without cell phones.

Can Video Games Be Educational?

After all, mobile games have become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, it is best to take a logical approach and weigh video games' advantages and negative effects.

Renowned Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget believed that games play an essential role in children's development and pave the way for their learning. Nowadays, games, like many things, have changed and come in many forms. As parents, we must make time for our children and have fun together. But, in the situation of lack of time and children's interest in TV and mobile games, how can we best manage time and relationships?

Suitable mobile games that engage both parents and children and are amusing and educational enough at the same time are good options for spending some quality time with our children. Games with rules are games that children can usually engage in and enjoy from the age of four. These games develop three main features:

1- Strengthen thinking in a standard way

2- Strengthen interaction and role-playing in the group

3- Train your brain and develop new skills.

There are many video games for kids available today. Choosing a suitable game requires time and research. Indeed, not all games can be good for you or your child because games have different purposes. However, some games can cover a large age group, are optimized in terms of difficulty, have enough educational and enjoyable aspects, and of course, are safe. These games are probably a good choice.

Disadvantages of Playing Too Much Video Games

Spending too much time on video games can have negative effects on our children’s lifestyles. Although, as mentioned, video games can have positive impacts, even too much of a good thing can harm in other ways. There are some severe consequences associated with excessive gaming. These include:

• Poor academic performance

• Increased aggression

• Decreased social skills

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Sleep disorders

So the most important thing about video games, such as everything else in life, is balance. Creating a balance to use video games and control the effects they may have on our kids and us and use it to our advantage.

Lingolish is one of the best family bonding games

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