New Word Game Mode: Guess The Secret Word Before The Monster

New Word Game Mode: Guess The Secret Word Before The Monster

Word Games

There are many types of games, but one type of game that has been around for a very long time and doesn't seem to be going anywhere is word games. There are different models of word games, such as word guessing games, crosswords, word puzzles and more.

Playing word games has many known benefits, such as:

  • Training your brain
  • Improving your vocabulary
  • Enhancing your cognitive skills
  • Learning new words and maybe even a new language.

Lingolish: Word Puzzle Game

Lingolish has had the mentioned benefits in mind while creating the mechanism of the game and the different game modes. One important factor in our daily activities is thinking fast and responding quickly to changing circumstances. Playing word games will help with that, but is it enough?

Lingolish, similar to other word puzzle games, has a basic mode where you can try to guess a word with no time or number of guess limitations. But to challenge you and also improve your response time, Lingolish offers other word game modes, such as limited time, or a limited number of guesses and more.

One of the newest challenges is the monster mode. In Lingolish monster mode, you have to guess the secret word in each level before the monster does. This will force you to pay attention to any details that might help you find the secret word, help you to think faster in order to beat the monster and more. These are all in line with the goals and benefits of word games that we mentioned in the beginning.

So are you up for the challenge? Play Lingolish monster mode and see if you can beat the monster.