What makes a good family relationship?

What makes a good family relationship?

Care, attention, trust, and communication are among many things that experts suggest. But the importance of time spent together is always mentioned. But, unfortunately, it might be hard to find some time due to the dynamic nature of the world nowadays. Still, you can't have a good family relationship if you don't have some quality time doing activities with your family.

However, how you spend time with them is an essential factor. Suppose you cut your child's playing time just for him to partake in a tedious activity. In that case, chances are you are only worsening your relationship with them. Most kids would rather play either with their toys or electronic devices. So how about you also play with them by introducing them to some brand-new games that can also benefit them. Dedicate some time of your day to play with your family. While physical activities seem to be the parent's first choice for games, mind-challenging games are just as crucial for a child's development, if not more. After all, muscle is not the only thing that needs training. With some games, you can train your brain together with the whole family. It helps children develop problem-solving techniques and Improves memory and the ability to react fast and think better. Not just for the children but for everyone involved. Playing times are a great way of escaping reality and relieving some stress. Here are some examples of fun activities you can do with your family.  

Board games

There are so many different kinds of board games. Some are based on luck or rolling a dice. Some are based on players' intuition and intelligence, like playing a chess game. And some games are a mix of both, like the classical board game, Mastermind. We advise against games that are purely RNG-based. Instead, go for the games that require you and your family to think hard and train your brain. It might be challenging, depending on the type of game. But, after learning the rules of a game, it will never get boring because every game will play differently than the last time. Learning from wins or losses and implementing them in the following games make all the difference.

Story-Based Games

There are many games out there that are based on a story. You will have to do a task, and a piece of the story will be unlocked. But why are these types of games important? Because they will develop the emotional intelligence of kids and adults. If the story is well narrated, it will leave a long-lasting impression and can contain life lessons in it, helping develop different types of skills. It obviously will help with making the game more engaging and exciting.  

Guess the word games

These kinds of games are getting popular nowadays, from the old ones like crossword puzzles to the new ones like Wordle and its variations. They are freely accessible. Lingolish is also a free word puzzle game with multiple game modes and challenges. The thing that makes Lingolish different is that it also has a story mode which is unseen in many hidden word games.   Graphical designs and the story of Lingolish In Lingolish, we have tried to capture the best parts of the beneficial games for kids. We have combined word guessing games with storytelling. You enter a fantasy world of Martians where they are in trouble and need your help. The story begins when a scientist in a spaceship receives secret words and messages from the Martians. What you need to do is to guess the word they are trying to tell you. "Bruno" is the main character of this game, the blue guy you can see below. His sister "Marsis" is the pink character in the picture. "Sunny son," who is the yellow one, and "Misha," the green one, are side characters and act as a guide for "Bruno" and "Marsis" and help them get to their mother, "Ina Marina". The last character that is shown below:

enter image description here

With other word searching games, you only have blocks of letters and text, and looking at the same type of thing for a long time would only get boring. That's why the graphical designs of Lingolish make it one of the best word searching games for family game nights.

Also, the secret words chosen in word games are usually entirely random or part of a particular category. In Lingolish, the secret words contribute to the ongoing story, and with the help of the graphics and the small clues provided, you get to guess the hidden word and use it in the story.
Of course, the last thing is the competitive aspect of Lingolish. You can choose to play and find words together within the game or directly compete for guessing a secret word faster. You can choose to play and compete with any player in the game, even your friends and family.

As mentioned in the text, we have many options for choosing a game. As parents, we need to know our child's interests to choose the best choice accordingly. A well-chosen game is appropriate for our child's age and interests and can even have an educational aspect. Whether we like it or not, children are eager for mobile games. Maybe by choosing suitable games and entertainment, we can control their passion and put them in the right direction, and by being with them in these games, we can use the time better and improve our relationship with them.

So if we want to answer the question of what helps to create a better family relationship, the answer may be this—spending quality time with your loved ones in a way that will leave a positive, long-lasting impression on kids and family members. We hope that Lingolish can contribute to this.