Word games as an excercise for the language departments of the brain

The number of memory loss is increasing worldwide and unfortunately 2 out of 3 people who are struggling with this disease are women.

DR Kesari, neurologist in Santa Monica, California, believe that the brain is actually like a muscle. You use it or you lose it. He also suggested that the more you use the different parts of your brain, you make a stronger connection between what’s being exercised and the parts of the brain responsible for those activities.

So if you concern about memory loss with age, you are not alone!!

Word search games are an enjoyable way to train your brain and remember when you enjoy a brain activity, it is more effective! Word games are fun ways to expand kids and adults active vocabulary and problem solving skills. Followings are a few of these advantages:

  • practice spelling
  • improve vocabulary
  • encourage problem-solving skills
  • help to learn a new language