Wordle Word of The Day

Wordle Word of The Day

It is unlikely that you play some types of word puzzles but have not heard of Wordle. Wordle is a 5-letter Lingo type word game that allows players to play one game a day. To win, players must find the secret word in maximum of six attempts. In this article I share my winning method.

How to find wordle secret word answers?

I explain this through an example. The secret word for the word of the day game of Saturday 09/10/2022 was "drawn." The most effective winning strategy is to learn the best word to guess first in Wordle. Majority of words have at least one vowel, and there are only five of them in English. So, in my opinion, the best words to start Wordle with is a 5-letter word that contains as many vowels as possible. This will give us a chance to find at least one of the letters in the first guess. Words like ADIEU or AUDIO are perfect options. I started with "ADIEU", in this sample round, it earned two yellow letters that are “A” and “D”. Another point that makes "ADIEU" a good starting option is the fact that "E" is the first, "I" fourth, and "U" the eleventh most used letter in English. In the next guess, I put the two letters "A" and "D" in the form of the word "SHADE". Using "E" that I knew was out was not a good choice but I could not recall any other word with these characteristics at that moment. Well, the letter "A" turned green, but the position of "D" is still incorrect, and the letters "S" and "H" joined the gray team. So, for the next guess, I put "D" at the beginning with the word "DRAGS." Fortunately, the first three letters were green, although the repetition of "S" in this word was not the best choice again but I did not want to cheat and Google for a better option! I tried to guess the fourth with the letters I had not used so far, and all it gave me was 5 grays. In the fifth guess, I continued using the green letters with the remaining letters, and luckily I got "N" with “DRANK”. Finally, in the sixth guess, it was clear that "N" should be at the end of the word, so I typed the word "DRAWN" with a shaky hand, and yes! I won. I hope you find this method helpful. first guess in wordle

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The best opening words for Lingolish and Wordle Puzzles

Players enjoy guessing the secret word faster by using an excellent opener word, specifically when you compete in a multi-player game. The words used in Wordle and Lingolish are limited to commonly known words; Because not even the most fluent speakers know all the obscure words in the English Language. So, let’s start with the most used letters in the English alphabet. There are many debates online on the best Wordle opening word. For a more scientific approach, we’ll be referencing the study written by Peter Norvig. He consulted the Google books Ngrams database, which makes the process easier to find words mentioned in the books scanned by Google. Ranking from top to bottom, the 13 most used letters in the English language by standard order of frequency are “ETAOIN SRHLDCU.” In the original study by Mark Mayzner in 1965, “ETAOIN SHRDLU” was the conclusion of this research. It was later used for designing old keyboard layouts.

E: 12.49%

T: 9.28%

A: 8.04%

O: 7.64%

I: 7.57%

N: 7.23%

S: 6.51%

R: 6.28%

H: 5.05%

L: 4.07%

D: 3.82%

C: 3.34%

U: 2.73%

Learning this, help in prioritizing the options when looking for hidden word games out there. By guessing words using a combination of these letters, you’ll have a higher chance of winning. Here are some examples: SCARE, ALERT, CRANE. We will not write every possible word here but you have got the idea. The challenge is all yours! So, be sure to use these letters in your first or second chances. When playing Lingolish story mode also pay attention to game’s background as it contains some clues.