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what does lingo mean?

Lingo is a simple and fun word game designed as a family game. At the start of the game, the first letter of mystery words is given to players, and they take turns to guess the correct words. All the letters then are color-coded allowing the players to learn if the position of each letter is correct or wrong or if it even exists in the target word. If the guessing letter is in the correct position, it becomes green. If it is part of the word, but it is not placed in the right position, it becomes yellow, and if the target word doesn't contain the letter, it becomes red. A TV show that was produced in 1988 with the same name, presented by Adil Ray, attracted a lot of fans. Our Lingolish game is based on this classic Lingo game, but many features have been added to it that has made this word game much more attractive. Lingolish new features are as follows.

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Lingolish: the perfect word puzzle game!

Are you looking for a unique game idea for yourself and your family that is fun and levels up your mind’s skills? Lingolish mission is an inspiring journey of a few Martian kids trying to rescue their parents who are imprisoned by monsters. The genius Martians try to communicate with humans through 3 to 7 letter words in different languages to seek help. Lingolish word game is a memory game app that expands your vocabulary by word puzzles. It is the modernized and upgraded version of word searching and memorable word mastermind board game.

Bruno, Lingolish game' character, saying Hey guys

Nine features and Benefits of playing lingo-lish:

  • Totally FREE unlimited number of brain games! Everything achievable by code-breaking.
  • Ability to play offline or online with no time limit - isn’t it fantastic?
  • Available in single, multi-player, and robot game modes.
  • “Lingolish word solver AI” is a guided play system to assist players in revealing the correct letters in the right and wrong positions to help train your mind for a new puzzle.
  • Twelve cool game modes. “The beginning” to relax and “Robomatch” to challenge your memory and speed up your word recall!
  • Includes 3,4,5,6, and 7 letter puzzles and over 7000 carefully selected word mix puzzles that will get harder each level step by step when playing the story mode.
  • Time battle mode for those who are looking for word games with timers! It’s an awesome high pace word finder mode to tease your mind.
  • A thesaurus to explain the meaning and play the pronunciation of the secret words for improving the vocabulary.
  • Start with 120 stars as your gift to boost the fun and gives you the courage to keep going and never give up on this mind-blowing journey!
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Adults and teens, we cover them both

We have carefully designed puzzles, codes, and graphics to make it suitable for every teenager or adult who loves rich graphics and fantasy worlds! The codes, word games, stories, and puzzles all happen in a fantasy world.

Lingolish is a word finder puzzle game with given letters. However, players have to remember the codes and patterns mostly in a limited amount of time, making it a great memory game. Keep training your memory, and you will get to recall the words quicker as you play along. If you are a trained mastermind or bulls and cows player of any age, prepare to have a whole new experience!

Ed, the yellow creature

A Breath-taking family game!

Lingolish is a word guessing game inspired by the game Lingo. Unlike the original game, the first letter is not given at the start and so 3 letter words are also included in the puzzles. Lingolish word relax game is known as one of the popular word guessing puzzle games for girls. However, adults also like its puzzle to strengthen their memory, improve their mental agility and concentration. So, download the app for free, play solo or compete with friends, family, and people from all over the world and win prizes.

So, if you are a parent looking for a word game for kids, you are at the right place. This game is designed to help children's mental development and improve their vocabulary while playing single-player or multiplayer mode with their parents and have fun.

Download Lingolish for iOS and Android

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