Lingolish FAQ Page

  • Lingolish is a word puzzle game based on Lingo and Mastermind. It is similar to games like Wordle in fundamentals, but has many modes. Learn more about how to play here.

  • Lingolish is a word guessing game inspired by the Lingo game. Unlike the original Lingo, the first letter is not given at the start, but depending on the level you are playing, you may try your chances from a limited list of letters. Similar to the original game, Lingolish also color codes the letters of your guessed word that are present in the target word. See "How to play" page for more details. Lingolish can be played in multi, solo and robot modes where keyboard, time or number of chances are limited or not. Best of all, it is a free app available to download on Google Play and App Store for your Android and iOS devices.

  • Yes, it is completely free and all the levels and game modes are unlocked by playing. It has multiple game modes, and 160 levels in Story Mode that you can play at any time or place

  • No, you can play Lingolish Offline or Online

  • To invite your friends to multiplayer mode, choose your favorite game mode; it will give you a three-letter code to share, enter your friend code, or they will enter yours, and you will join. However, it is recommended to add your friend's name to your friend list and send an invitation to them. If your friend accepts your invitation, they will be added to your friends' list, and you can play with each other with ease at any time.

  • There are a lot of benefits to playing word search games where you have to find a secret word, especially in a limited time or a limited number of guesses. This will help improve your cognitive skills, improve your memory, and challenge your vocabulary.

  • Lingolish has network modes available on its Android and iOS apps, but the online mode to play on your computer, not yet. However, it is in our future plans as it is a cross-platform app by nature.

  • Updates are released once every three weeks. At each update, we fix bugs and introduce new challenges and missions. Also, new ways of earning coins and prizes to help you solve the word puzzles.

  • Lingolish puzzles happen in a fantasy world that makes it interesting for kids. Network options also include graphic-rich tricks that kids enjoy. At the same time, Lingolish shares its fundamentals with Wordle, Word Mastermind and Lingo, making it enjoyable for adults.

  • To change your username or avatar, go to the home page, click setting and then choose the user icon (the blue one). You can change your username or avatar there.

  • To view the leaderboard, go to home page, click on leaderboard (the cup icon). You can see your rank at each mode against the top 50.

  • XP is the abbreviation of experience point, and it is used to quantify a player character's life experience and progression through the game.

  • Silver hints are used to grey out the letters that are not in the secret word; they reveal an incorrect letter to you and cost two coins. Golden hints reveal a correct letter but do not reveal its position. They cost 50 coins. Emerald hints show a correct letter and its propper position. They cost 100 coins.

  • In 'eye' as an example, 'e' is present at two positions. You earn a point, each time you guess 'e' in a correct position.

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