A drawing that shows a scientist staring at Mars looking for signs of life

What Is The Lingolish Story?

Lingolish is a puzzle game where you guess new words until you discover the secret word. At its core, Lingolish is similar to many other word puzzle games like Wordle, Lingo or Mastermind. But let's talk about where it is different. Lingolish levels happen through a comical story. You will get to know its characters during the game, and learn about what is happening on Mars! By finding the secret words, the story moves forward and with your help, the characters will reach their goals. Each Lingolish Character is part of the story and has an important role to play in it. Games with the best stories are the ones that we will remember for a long time. Let's start with Bruno.

A drawing that shows one female and one male scientists pointing to a sign of life they have found on Mars


Meet Bruno, the bluest Martian that Mars has ever seen. Bruno flows like water! He is extremely curious. In fact, our story begins because of his curiosity. The son of the last surviving Martian family, who wants to know about anything and everything. He has outstanding qualities. He is kind and responsible, he is brave, and he is a perfect brother to his sister. Bruno has something that no one else has and it could change the fate of his planet. Something that is a relic of his grandfather and is now in his hands: A pager But where did his grandfather get it? We do not know! This may be a secret between Martians.

Bruno and his family are in trouble and the key to solving this problem is in Bruno's hands. But he can not do it alone. So, he has sent a message to earth, asking for help. You can count on his intelligence and courage. The fate of Mars relies on you and Bruno!

A blue Martian approached by humans satellites with projection of word HEY


Marsis is different from all the other girls you have ever met. Why? Because you have never seen a pink Martian girl! Marsis is Bruno's sister. Although she is the youngest child in the family, you will see how she is always present when needed and plays a significant role with her extraordinary strength and wits. Marsis and Bruno have always been together, anywhere and everywhere, until that horrific day! They are making every possible effort to be together again. But what happened that made them fall apart? Bruno will tell you. Where is Marsis now? It depends on where you are in the story! But she is waiting for you to find her. Marsis has a lot to tell because she was the only one to last see Ina Marina, their mother!

Ina Marina

Someone is calling from the other side of the Martian mountains. Ina Marina! Where are you?

She is the mother of Bruno and Marsis. She is different in our eyes because she is the mother of two Martian children. Still, in the end, Ina Marina is like all mothers who love and care for their children! But on that horrible day, something happened that separated her from her beloved kids. Ina Marina is in danger! She just wants to keep her children safe to the best that she can! She is far away from Bruno and Marsis, and that is all we know. This story may sound sad, but with your help, it could have a happy ending. All mothers are patient and kind, and Ina Marina is no exception. She is waiting to see how her children will overcome the challenges and succeed. But when will this happen? It depends on your skill in solving the word puzzles that the terrifying Monsters throw at you!

Visual description of Human-Martian communication method
Bruno’s word decoded
Lingolish map

Sunny Son

It may be hard for you to believe, but Mars also has scientists who discover things in solitude and in a cosy corner. Sunny Son knows something that no one else on Mars and Earth knows! He is willing to help us in this journey. He has already discovered solutions to solve our issues along the way; we just need to find him first!

Sunny Son is supportive and kind. You can find him among his books and clutter and see for yourself! You have to help Bruno and Marsis find him, but he does not have an address and his location is not easy to find. So you need Bruno and Marsis to track him down. Let me give you a clue: Sunny Son has a friend who shines at night and flies in the Martian skies. Follow his friend and you will find Sunny Son; Because only he knows how to help Bruno and Marsis on their journey.

attacking monsters with laser to save the martians


This happy green Martian is Misha. Misha has seen things that he should not have seen, and now he is in hiding. Where? Over there!

Do not worry; you will find him if you follow the story! But finding him might be a little difficult because he is not expecting you and he is happy all alone with his pots! Do not look for him on earth, even in the galaxies. One day, Misha was on his daily walk and was looking around when suddenly, he saw something. What? Who was that? Misha became the last person to see the last missing member of the Martian family! Although it is true that he does not feel happy with anything other than his pots, but he likes to help others in need. If you explain everything to him thoroughly, he will be a perfect companion, and he will tell you about the untold secrets of Mars. Of course, with very, very important details!

Ed, the yellow creature

Have you met the Lingolish characters yet? Which one did you like the most? Find and follow them in the story mode on the map. Let us know which characters have the best stories in the game?

martians attacking the monsters