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Call for collaborative research!

Lingolish community needs a creative, energetic gamer, with the talent of a detective and a professional mind in breaking word codes. He/She will join our team of terrestrial scientists who are trying to communicate with people on Mars!! Do you think you qualify? Great! We invite you to join our team. Maybe the key to solving the puzzles is in your hands! You can start now at any level and age group.

To draw your perfectionist attention and encourage your self-competition appetite, Lingolish leaderboard compares your records with the Top 50, if you are not yet one of them. Use your intelligence and creativity to collect points and reach the top of the players' league. Buckle up; a tough competition is going on here! To accomplish this mission, we recommend all word finder masters to follow these steps:

- Start your daily word search with words having the maximum number of vowels like "ear" or "oat".

- Optimise your time. If you play “The beginning” or “Time battle” modes, keep guessing anything comes to your mind fast, don’t waste time.

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Bruno, Abi and Phil on champion stage

- Optimise the number of guesses. If you play “Frozen time” mode, use your guesses wisely, compare the clues and come up with a word closest to the secret word.

- Always follow the clues. Follow the colour-coded clues and the hints marked on your keyboard to find out the correct and incorrect letters.

- Practice, practice, practice, practice makes perfect!

- Try multiplayer; invite your friends to play, compete and practice, discover the codes hidden in words and enjoy the game together.

- To beat your friends on Multiplayer modes and gain higher ranks, practice with Robots.

- Take a break and rank in the “Brain Train” challenge any time you are lucky and win it in “wheel of fortune”

It's interesting to say that majority of our top 50 puzzle solvers are girls, so if you are looking for a puzzle game for girls, lingolish puzzle solver is the one.